The WREAKLESS Corner cam.

See around blind corners as if you were sitting on your bonnet.


View oncoming traffic, Pedestrians, cyclists and even park easier!


No more straining your neck when entering traffic. No more blindly entering traffic and hopping. No more curbed rims.

Launching soon!

Where were at:

✓ Prototype designed 
✓ Prototype complete
✓ In the hands of users & beta testers
→ Review user feedback [In progress]
❌ Tooling design & review
❌ Injection mold manufactured 



Request an invitation to get early access and be the first to know when we go live!


NO MORE STRAINING to see around corners

Until now, the only practical method for drivers to see potential hazards has been to lean forward and desperately crane their necks in the hopes of spotting oncoming traffic, a speeding cyclists or passing pedestrians.


Fits all aftermarket screens and most OEM displays

If you already have an aftermarket backup camera or LCD head unit, you already have the display needed. Outputs to a standard RCA connection and is compatible with almost all original LCD infotaiment systems.

Simple activation

Instantly activate the camera with the press of a button, Allowing you to see down the street/footpath in both directions.


Auto split screen

Left and right angle display in one screen. See across footpaths, multiple lanes of traffic and around corners.

Reports indicate

Reports indicate 21% of all accidents at intersections are caused by a lack of visibility.



We'd love to hear your opinion, 

any thoughts you have may even end up in the final product!


    We are looking for around 50 more beta testers and reviewers to test out pre-production prototypes 

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